Who’s Fergie in Spencer

Slowly more information about the cast in Spencer is getting known. After confirming its prince Charles, now we also know who is playing the Duchess of York in Spencer. It’s the newcomer Olga Hellsing, a German model who’s 29 years old and is debuting in the role

Sarah Ferguson was practically ignored on the latest season of The Crown, but she is known to have been a close friend to Princess Diana even before they both got married into the British Royal Family. The two seemed to be really close and were often seen laughing and joking until they didn’t. Yes, that is why many point out the parallel between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Diana never spoke about Fergie, but the duchess claims the fallout was due to the princess’ jealousy of Sarah’s relationship with the Family, seemingly to be accepted albeit too clumsy and often in the wrong. The two friends were not on speaking terms when Diana died, in 1997.

The reason why Sarah is going to be in Spencer is that according to her own biography, Diana confided in her about her decision of leaving the Firm and separating from Charles. Also, Sarah took the lead on how to leave the royal role. She was cut off financially and faced a huge backlash from the press all along. Diana tried to avoid the same traps, not escaping herself from others.

It is still unknown who’s playing the Queen. Sarah Hawkins, who’s in the cast as well, is officially playing a fictional role. More on Sarah Ferguson soon.

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