Diana, the musical to premiere on Netflix (listen)

Were she was still alive, in July 2021 Princess Diana would have turned 60 years old. Alas, we have had to say goodbye to her 24 years ago, but in truth, she never really went away.

Thanks partially to The Crown catching up with her timeline on Season 4 (and upcoming Season 5), we are all reliving her legacy in such an important year. Sure, we are heartbroken to see “her boys” drifting apart quite publicly and apparently definitely, which makes us as sad as we believe she would be, but overall, 2021 has become sort of a Diana year due to her revival. There’s the movie Spencer, there will a homage to her with her statue on her Birthday, and there’s Diana: The Musical, which is cheering her fans a bit.

The production had only nine nights opened when pandemic shut all theatres down, making it impossible to have actually… premiered. More than a year later, there might be a chance of having live performances in closed rooms by December, but fans around the world will not wait as long. In a bold decision, Diana: The Musical will return have a special presentation on Netflix. Yes, on October 1 it will be released on the platform before it gets back to the stage.

The filmed version was shot in September 2020, without an audience present. Actress Jeanna de Waal plays the princess, with music by Bon Jovi‘s David Bryan, who won a Tony Award for the musical Memphis.

The musical focuses on the same plot shown on The Crown: a young girl is swapped in a world supposedly romantic, but, in truth, quite different. We see her falling in love, becoming a mother, and going through her painful divorce. Producers claim it to be a coming-of-age story that celebrates her memory.

The plot tries to avoid villains. Camilla Parker Bowles is played by Erin Davie and Roe Hartrampf plays prince Charles. Judy Kaye is Elizabeth II.

Some key moments, such as Diana dancing Uptown Girl for Charles (as shown in The Crown) is in the musical, which has 39 outfits for Diana alone. Most of the dresses are inspired by the original, including the “revenge dress”.

Curious to see the result? Listen to the music below

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