William’s greatest friend and confidante

We, who follow the Royal Family for years, are aware of how little William shows affection in public. Basically, there are few who let their guard down, and it isn’t Kate Middleton. It’s usually his kids and… Zara Philips Tindall.  

Zara and William were born only 13 months apart. She is the daughter of Princess Anne, who, in her turn, is extremely close to her own brother, Prince Charles. So there’s an example that was followed.

Anne even mentioned once that the name “Zara”, was Charles’ suggestion. He too adores his niece.

Zara is married to rugby champion Mike Tindall, and they just had another baby. It was Harry who introduced them both.

The connection is heading to the third generation. William is the godfather of one of Zara’s daughters. He trusts Zara so much that apparently, she is also one of Prince George’s godmothers. And she was often seen laughing and hanging out with Kate too.

Many of William’s pictures as a toddler are of him playing along with Zara, with clear adoration.

William’s and Harry’s closeness is also clear with Zara’s older brother, Peter Philips. Peter is Queen Elizabeth II‘s first grandson. Once he is around, William also forgets about protocol and hugs and teases his older cousin.

To laugh is the rule between cousins.

Their kids also are close. George and Charlotte are always playing with Savannah Phillips and Mia Tindall.

Aren’t they cute?

Remember some of the moments between cousins

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