The timeless beauty of Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy is one of the icons of 1960s culture, music, and fashion. With her smooth voice, and physical and musical beauty, she gained international fame at the age of 17 and has never stopped. Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Brian Jones were enchanted by this tall Frenchwoman, with fringe and synonymous with cool. Almost six decades later, at the age of 77, she still stirs up passions.

Three years ago she wrote her biography, The Despair of Monkeys and Other Trifles, and released another album, Personne D’Autre (Nobody Else), her first after a six-year hiatus. Since 2004, the singer has been fighting aggressive lymphatic cancer, and in 2016, after falling into a coma, she was discredited by doctors. We arrived in 2021 with her still beautiful, and perfect.

The scare made her creative again, but without hiding that she is in the process of saying goodbye. By the way, she was never one to mince words. An excellent student, she won a guitar as a prize for her good grades. Since writing the first songs, it didn’t take long to be discovered and become successful. Tout Les Garçons Et Les Filles is still a hit.

Françoise never minded that her undeniable beauty aroused the same curiosity as her looks. She knew how to use it to her advantage, posing for photo shoots by Richard Avedon and having exclusive costumes by André Courrèges (futuristic dresses) and Paco Rabanne (the iconic metal dress that weighed almost 15kg!). Ea is one of the celebrities who adopted Yves Saint Laurent‘s women’s tuxedo. A dream combination.

With often melancholic music and poetry, Françoise surprised some with what she revealed in her book. In addition to the fact that her parents never married (in fact, her father was married to another woman), she spoke openly about her sister’s schizophrenia and euthanasia in the death of her mother, who asked for her. The singer also reveals that her father assumed homosexuality later on and that he was murdered by a younger lover. But he never loses sensitivity to touch on such intimate and difficult themes.

This week, Françoise was back in the news in France for venting about her health, saying she was living a nightmare and openly saying she was in favor of euthanasia. “Because of the radiotherapy, in the last two years I lost hearing in one of my ears, I don’t save it anymore, I have breathing and eating problems”, he commented in an interview.

Very sad to hear of your pain, especially since 60 years ago you were present with such sweet music. Hoping that – somehow – Françoise finds her peace.


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