Diana and Duran Duran: (almost) a view to a kill

Like many girls and women of her time, princess Diana was nuts about Duran Duran, the 80s pop band that dominated the charts and the dreams of many teenagers. Both Diana and the band became an international phenomenon 40 years ago, in 1981.

It was little surprise that, given the opportunity, Diana would not only go to da Duran Duran concert but would also meet and greet the band as well. That’s what happened on the night of July, in 1983. It was almost, unbeknownst to all, fatal.

It was revealed years later, when an informer for MI5 confessed IRA’s plan to place a bomb near Prince Charles’ and Diana‘s box at the concert they were attending. It only failed because the man supposed to detonate the bomb, Sean O’Callaghan, decided against the plan. Everyone at the concert would have died. Scary!

Diana met Duran Duran again two years later, at the premiere of James Bond‘s A View to A Kill. A name that seemed quite suited if all would have been aware of the attempt, which was not shown on The Crown. The series showed Lord Mountbatten‘s assassination, in 1979. It is said that the IRA leadership planned the attack in revenge for the death of Bobby Sands and nine other hunger strikers. 

Her love for the band was such, that Harry and William invited them to play at the concert in her memory.


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