Life goes on, memories remain

In 2021, due to the pandemic and her recent mourning, Queen Elizabeth has not been seen too frequently attending personally any events. She’s keeping only a few, and this weekend she visited a navy carrier and met with the officers as well as the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines personnel ahead of the ship’s maiden operational deployment. She made a point to take this chance to, again, bring the late prince Philip close to her heart. Literally.

Elizabeth II was wearing the scarab brooch, a gift given to her by Philip, in 1966. A double homage since he was also a naval veteran.

The piece is so special to her that, out of more than a 100 options, it was the one she chose for her portrait to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, in 2017.

The “Scarab” brooch is made of yellow gold, and it’s carved by ruby and diamonds. It was a personal gift from Philip in 1966.

At the event, the queen chose to wear bright red to match with the brooch and looked in high spirits, although 2021 has been thus far a very delicate year for the Royal Family.

In two weeks and a half it would be Philip’s 100th Birthday. Most likely there will be a message to remember the date.

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