House of the Dragon will shoot at the “city of stone”, in Portugal

For every fan of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik will certainly remain as the real life King’s Landing. The tourism that the series generated for Croatia was impressive, with themed tours being sough after by people from all over the world. However, due to its past and paparazzi frenzy, it’s doubtful that House of the Dragon would be able to shoot there without any spoilers.

Therefore, as it’s been mentioned this week, it looks like that maybe they found a replacement and although far from the see, it looks a good fit. The location that was picked is the historical Portuguese city of Monsanto, closer to the border with Spain.

Monsanto (Saint Hill in Portuguese) is also known as the city of stones due to its unique constructions of houses made of stone and incorporated by the mountains. It’s beautiful.

Monsanto is one of Portugal’s oldest cities, even with Roman ruins. It was Dom Afonso Henriques who won it back from the Moors and the Templars were “given” it as a gift. They built the castle and the fortress which still have some remains after so many centuries.

Although not officially replacing Dubrovnik, Monsanto’s streets and buildings could easily be used as King’s Landing. One thing is sure, the city that is already one of Portugal’s favorite spots for tourism, will never remain the same after the Targaryens arrive.

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