Pat Benatar sang about mental health in 1982

By 1982 Pat Benatar was one of the most in-demand artists on the radio, with three hit albums and the benchmark for women in rock. Their fourth album, Get Nervous, released that year is still perfect nearly 40 years later.

As one of the biggest stars in American music, Pat wanted to avoid stereotypes and get into what was in vogue: the new wave. At that point, MTV was already a great ally of the record companies and videos and campaigns began to gain more and more space in the careers of musicians who did not always have a theater profile. Pat was one of those who embraced MTV, but until then she avoided videos where she had to act as an actress or dance.

Get Nervous hit stores in November 1982, led by Shadows of the Night, which won her the Grammy for Best Female Vocalist in Rock.

The curious thing is that – even with love songs – Get Nervous is an album about a topic that didn’t even exist 40 years ago, mental health. She sings about panic attacks on the title track, Anxiety (Get Nervous), depression on Fight It Out, as well as female empowerment on I Want Out.

July 13th is Rock Day. Here’s my tribute to Pat Benatar and the perfect album.

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