Tommy goes to America and faces adversaries

There’s only one week left for Peaky Blinders to start their final season, at least in England. Some information has already leaked, shall we recap?

From the scripts of the 2nd episode, we see that the sixth season will start years after the attempt on Oswald Mosley (Sam Cafflin) went wrong. In a dialogue with the American “Jack Nelson”, in a church, Nelson asks Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) who and when was the last man he killed: “4 years ago. His name was Thomas Shelby,” he replies.

In this way, we know that Mosley will be married and with greater power in the Fascist party.

Another thing is that Tommy right away will be dealing with Gina and Michael Gray‘s (Anya Taylor Joy and Finn Cole) “Plan B”. In the first episode, we have Tommy heading to the United States, “to take advantage of a business breach as the end of Prohibition offers new opportunities, but encounters new danger from an old adversary that is finally acting”.

Okay, in English, “former adversary” has no gender and we have three possibilities: Gina and Michael being the most obvious, but also including Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy). In this case, this being the United States, I bet Tommy will understand the power of Gina and her family.

According to fans, director Anthony Byrne confirmed early on that Gina – and her family, who are influential on the East Coast – will feature heavily in the final season. He even used the words “manipulative”, “player” and “ambitious” to describe the character. “She’s got street knowledge, but she’s still not sharp, out of place in England. She follows Michael on a whim, but quickly gains control over him,” he explained. And Ginny’s connection to Mosley? It exists and soon we will know the extension.

But the obsession to take down Mosley will still be Tommy’s main motivation. The first official images of the series don’t reveal much yet, but Cillian Murphy assured that the farewell will be “dark”.


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