The Queen tests positive for Covid-19

It was announced news. After Prince Charles was diagnosed with Covid-19 for the second time, with Camilla Parker-Bowles being infected for the 1st time, it was only a matter of time to confirm that the Queen had entered the stream. That’s right, Charles already had the virus when he was with his mother and although Elizabeth II was isolated immediately, it would be unlikely to “escape” the pandemic unscathed. And today, February 20, 2022 it became official: tested positive for Covid-19.

It hasn’t been easy for the 95-year-old sovereign, with 70 years on the Throne. The grandson is preparing a bombastic biography to be released later this year and the favorite son cost a fortune to be released from justice for having sex with minors, that being just two of the most public facts

According to reports, Elizabeth II has symptoms of a mild cold, but no one forgets her age and her more fragile image from the last appearances. On the other hand, she is the Immortal Queen. Positive vibes to Your Majesty!


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