Polly Gray’s goodbye in Peaky Blinders revealed

It was fast, poignant, and heartbreaking.

Peaky Blinders had an unimaginable obstacle to insert and convince us that one of the key characters of the series, Polly Gray, who was in the most challenging position of having to choose an impossible side, was suddenly gone. Not a word of goodbye, not a scene worthy of a departure for someone in her stature. Yet, that was the issue since Helen McCroy‘s passing before she could conclude the role of her career.


So, turns out that the IRA ruined Tommy’s plans, for now, to bring Oswald Mosley down. Plus, they “deliver” the bodies of causalities of this decision, two we already knew from the season’s finale, but, just like Tommy, we find out that somehow they got Polly in the midst to hurt and stop our favorite anti-hero.

Thus, we get the proper gypsy funeral for our Queen, no footage unused edited to explain anything or, no new scenes able to be shot before her passing. Heartbreaking.

And Michael’s hatred for Tommy now is full on. More to come on episode one later.

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