Raised by Wolves: can we trust anyone?

In Season 2 of Raised by Wolves put the right question from the start is that this time around the issue is always about TRUST.

Atheists were no better than Mithraics, using the losing side as slaves to build and harvest the colony. Paul is distrustful of Sue, not because she killed his biological mother and posed as his own, but because she didn’t believe. Those who follow Marcus end up finding out he leads his own survival first. Mother trusts Number Seven is an unharmful herbivore pet. Sue trusted the voice helped her save Paul… and so on. This leads to the issue that not only it is odd that Marcus and Mother will trust each other now, but that they will put their hopes on Grandmother’s advice. Bad, bad omen.

There are always reasons that only have an impact when they are revealed. The android Grandmother was destroyed and abandoned in a cave. Father finds it again, reassembles it, and activates it. Mother is suspicious of her origin but needs your help to fight Number Seven. Isn’t it strange that the suggestion is just to wear the veil she was so worried about Father being without?

The trailer for the final episode promises more twists. Breakdown on the way.


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