The complexity of Travis Fimmel

For many years Travis Fimmel was known as the most handsome man in the world. The face of Calvin Klein, a look a la Brad Pitt that yielded, among other titles, the sexiest man in the world in 2002 according to People magazine. And, like others before him, beauty opened doors but created barriers to being taken seriously as an actor, which is a shame as Travis is one of the best in the business right now.

Born in Australia, he grew up on a farm, dreaming of being an athlete. A broken leg landed him at the university to study architecture, but when he decided to spend time in England traveling, he was spotted by a model scout. For Travis it was the seed for another dream: acting. And so he left for the United States.

In Los Angeles, Travis studied with good teachers and started out with small roles in film and TV, but it was in 2003 that he made news again when he won the title role in the reboot of Tarzan. The series was short-lived and he returned to supporting roles until, in 2013, he was cast in the series Vikings.

As Ragnar Lothbrok, Travis became an international star and gained prestige as an actor. His way of acting, irreverent, using the look and with strange pauses, is already among the legendary and has earned the series passionate fans around the world.

After such a strong role it would be natural to be curious to know his next project and they were supporting roles in smaller films. Until it came Ridley Scott with Raised by Wolves. According to Travis, he accepted to participate without reading the script just for the opportunity to work with the director. His presence in the cast was essential to the whole story, and Travis is flying.

Marcus Drusus, his character, is a flawed leader, like Ragnar Lothbrok. A survivor and extremely intelligent, Marcus’real name is actually Caleb, and he is/was an atheist who kills and steals the identity of a religious leader to take his place on the ark that will leave Earth. The thing is, once he gets to Keppler 22-b, Marcus changes radically, driving away from his wife Sue and their “son”, Paul. It is a tricky role and Travis is like no one else to play a dubious man, capable of great violence as well as affection. We need to sympathize with the character, who is actually for the good portion of the plot the real villain, and it is impossible not to cheer for him even when he is really bad.

In two seasons, the character has already faced incredible dangers, always getting away with great wit. Without an actor like Travis, there would be no credibility. He is in his prime and today he can easily be listed among one of the best working actors. And yes, still one of the most beautiful too.


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