Raised by Wolves trailer breakdown

Now that we have Mother and Marcus teamed up in Raised by Wolves to fight Number 7, who is after Campion, let’s go frame by frame what the trailer for the final episode suggests to us?

“When overcome by fear, even the atheist will make up gods to pray to. I assure you… Those prayers will go unanswered. I promise. I will help you…To understand. It is my time.”


The Veil

There is no Christian, Atheist, Mithraic, or Android who does not distrust the veil that today hides Grandmother’s face. She obsessively asked Father about his and explained to Mother that it is this very veil that prevents her from developing feelings, today the biggest impediment in Lamia’s functioning to execute the dangerous snake she gave birth to. In other words, apart from giving a serious problem to kill Number Seven, it’s about to end Mother’s major quality, having empathy.
And it is precisely this veil that Mother will use to turn the tide. Will you be able to get it out?

This image worries me.

To make matters worse, Grandmother tells Mother that he will make her understand that having faith is useless… she “promises” that. Is that a threat?

Other surprises

Campion, is seen being chased by Number Seven, burying Vrille, and – yes – he survives because he is seen in the last image, watched by Granny and Father.

There are other concerns, like Vita finding a seedbox (no, not another tree!!!), a strange man being beaten, and a girl with a strange symbol.

And Marcus? Well, Marcus is going to go back down into the cage where he found that strange being… have you been scared?


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