The Curse of the Blue Sapphire in Peaky Blinders

Before we start, this is a SPOILER warning for Peaky Blinders fans outside the UK who don’t want to hear about the surprises of Season 6 before June. That Blue Sapphire, that “took” the life of Grace Shelby in season three, returns.

Tommy Shelby is a cruel man with few weaknesses. One of them is not being able to protect the women he loves. I fear for Ada because he’s already lost Polly, he’s lost Grace, and now, little Ruby, his daughter, in one of the saddest episodes of the entire series.

Thus, the scenes we saw in the trailer were far more impactful than we could have anticipated and the gypsy funeral, with the suffering Lizzie crying for her daughter and only link to her tormented husband.

It’s all because of the same Blue Sapphire curse. The same necklace that the Russian Duchess Tatiana Petrovna belatedly warned Tommy about, that was cursed by a gypsy. “Nothing in the world would make me wear the necklace,” she laughed minutes before Grace was killed.

Filled with guilt, Tommy visited Madame Bethany Boswell, who confirmed that the stone had brought tragedy on his life. Devastated, he left the stone with the gypsy and started his life over with Lizzie. Big mistake. He should have destroyed the damn thing. 10 years later, fate surprises him again.

At the end of the 1st episode, our anti-hero desperately discovers that his only daughter, Ruby, is sick and that, in her delirium, is speaking Romanian. He quickly identifies it as the curse and thinks it’s the one his sister-in-law prayed for him, so he runs after Esme, whose reappearance we didn’t understand 100% how it would be, but we suspected it wouldn’t be good.

It was not.

While Ruby was in the hospital with Lizzie, Tommy runs after Esme for answers and a cure for his daughter’s illness.

He gets the answers, but not happy ones.

Esme reveals that the sapphire that Bethany kept took the curse on her own family when she presented the necklace to her sister, Navadni Bardwell, who in turn placed it around her 7-year-old daughter’s neck. Immediately the child began to cough and died the same night, suddenly. Filled with hatred, she threw the curse back at Tommy so that when he had a daughter and she turned 7, he would suffer the same loss and pain as she did. This he never saw coming.

Tommy, in his desperation, tries to bribe the girl’s mother and erect a monument to the child, but it is useless. When he returns to town, Lizzie is waiting for him. Ruby died waiting to see her father one last time, without being able to. It devastates him Lizzie and us.

Tommy’s humanity is gone, as is any hope of making amends with Lizzie. Now, all that consumes him is his plan for revenge.

I would say that either way, the ideal would be to stay away from diamond and sapphire necklaces. In the 1997 film Titanic, the “heart of the ocean” – which is fictional – sank into the ocean along with the ocean liner, shortly after Rose used it to pose for Jack. Notice how they looked?


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  1. Adrian disse:

    Only one mention, the little girl is not speaking romanian 🙂
    She is speaking gypsy. They are 2 different languages 🙂
    I know because i’m romanian, and i didn’t understand a thing from what Ruby was saying :)))

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    1. Thank you! Will edit it


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