Father knows best. Does he?

Abubakar Salim plays the android Father, the sweetest and dearest of robots in the universe of Raised by Wolves. A unanimity is so certain that not even Marcus (Travis Fimmel), at the height of his delusions, liked to confront him. Father is definitely a favorite character for fans of the series and the actor went to Reddit today, the most democratic and open forum – even more than Twitter – and directly answered fan questions for hours.

Fun as Father, sincere and sweet, Abubakar is everything. Here are some tips he let us through and some confessions he made, like being surprised when he read that Sue was going to turn into a tree and when he was worried when Campion said that the memory of androids can pass to other bodies. If you want to see the original, you have to go to Reddit.

What did you think of the title Raised by Wolves?
AS: Well, at first I thought about the British comedy show, but aafter I got more involved I realized that “wow, this is deep”.

If Father could tell one dirty joke, what would it be?
AS: Don’t tempt me…

Who is Father’s favorite son?
AS: Don’t make me… C- Campion.

What does Sue’s tree fruit do to humans?
AS: I have no idea and honestly, I’m TERRIFIED to ask Aaron, because who knows what he’s planned! 

How was your reaction when you read the script and it said that Sue would have turned into a tree?
AS: I vividly remember reading the script and trying to call someone, anyone, to confirm that it wasn’t a wonderful prank. It’s so crazy! But when I was confirmed that this was exactly what would happen I had to go and think, “Of course it is”.

What was your reaction when Number 7 literally turned into a spaghetti monster?
AS: I laughed. Then I screamed. Then I was like “we can’t win”. A real roller coaster.

Is Marcus really flying and is he dead?
AS: Don’t ask me. I’m just trying to make jokes and survive.

But is Marcus dead or is he alive?
AS: But is it really Marcus? Or something or someone different?

How is Travis Fimmel behind the scenes?
AS: He keeps to himself, he’s not on social media and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is a bright and honest soul. I can go on.

Which actors do you most enjoy being on set with and why?
AS: Travis Fimmel is phenomenal. He is magnetic as a human being and as an actor and an artist who cares deeply about his work.

Mother has a name, Lamia. What would Father’s name be?
AS: I would suggest Gary, which shows my talent as a screenwriter. I’ve asked his name a few times so let’s find out.

Why does Father hate Number 7 so much?
AS: I mean, have you ever looked at it?

You don’t feel sorry for Number 7
AS: Who DAT?

What is the best scene from Season 1 and which is from Season 2?
AS: The first I liked the scene where I eliminated several Mithraics and the second the scene where Campion says I’m a good father. The best of the whole series is the snake birth because what the fuck was that?

Aren’t you afraid they’ll kill Father all of a sudden?
AS: All the time. When I am broken by the Mithraics in Season 1 I thought it was over, Then in Season 2 when Campion says that the memory of androids can change bodies and Father shrugs his shoulders I, as Abu thought, “DON’T YOU DARE AARON”, so the fear is true and constant. haha

Now that Grandmother is veiled off, how will she behave? Will it change? Is Father ready to help her?
AS: Good question. He definitely has more experience with emotions, despite her being ridiculously much older than he is…or is she? I do not know…

What if I have to choose one of the two? Which one does he really love, Mother or Grandmother?
AS: Neither. He believes he loves Mother and is infatuated and curious about Grandmother, but his love is in what makes him happy and he is still discovering that it’s ok to be selfish about your happiness.

Does anyone break character and laugh at Father’s jokes?
AS: Selina Jones, who plays Grandmother. She laughs and then I laugh and everything turns into a mess.

How will Father react when he finds out that Grandmother has hurt Mother?
AS: Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out, don’t we?


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