Amy Schumer searches for true happiness in Life & Beth

Amy Schumer is an excellent storyteller, although her stories seem to repeat themselves. Its characters – with existential flaws and voids – hide in exceptions until life sets them on the path to happiness. This is the case of the Starplus series (in Brazil, everywhere else is on Hulu), Life & Beth, which brings us Amy in a mix of her most recognized characters (Amy, from Trainwreck and Renée, from I, Feel Pretty) in yet another search for happiness. Beth has a good life on paper but is clearly unhappy for anyone with eyes. Sure, she lives in Manhattan, she has a job at a wine shop that doesn’t excite her, she has a handsome boyfriend who she doesn’t love, and her frustration worries her seemingly futile mother. And it is precisely this confrontation, marked by a sudden incident, that shakes Beth into a fresh start. Painful, but important.

For those who follow Amy, you recognize right away that her alter-ego of the moment, Beth, is an updated version of Amy from Trainwreck, at 40. The exceptions hide her existential emptiness, created by childhood trauma and a father absent, alcoholic and irresponsible. But therein lies his talent as a screenwriter: the story may even be similar, the narrative elements too, but Amy manages to involve us and carry us as if it were new.

Still comparing the characters, Beth, is more mature than Amy and would be a Renee, from I, Feel Pretty, with greater self-esteem, but equally dissatisfied with who she has become as an adult. When the fragility of life confronts her in her torpor, Beth finds herself impelled to change, but first, she has to understand how she became the current person before changing into what she wants to become: fuller, bolder, and more authentic. Who knows even happier? The first two episodes are now available on the platform.

I will embark with her on this journey.

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