The Strokes gains prominence and criticism on Lollapalooza BR

For 21 years, The Strokes maintained its signature: excellent melodies, guitars and fast beats, and the unique voice of Julian Casablancas. Although efficient, they were never innovative and their pop-rock was hugely successful in the 2000s, with the band gaining international recognition. However, when I see them – and I’ve seen them more than once on stage – it’s like I still see the rich teenagers who decided to form a band and became stars like their parents. Never taking fame as seriously as others take it, always blasé to each other and to the public. This is the band’s most anticipated feature and by now the fans already know it.

Before the pandemic, The Strokes was in the line-up of Lollapalooza and maintains the commitment, closing the first night of São Paulo as the main attraction. Did not disappoint. Julian, who always has his voice and attitudes “altered” as if he’s drunk, made his jokes non-sense. Forgot the lyrics, twirled here and there, but the sound was perfect and intertwined. It was a great show that unfortunately ended with the sad note of the death of the Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, who would close the festival, but was found dead in his hotel room in Bogotá. Lollapalooza 2022 may have even adjusted the date, but 2020 still permeates all the energy of the event, with lightning striking Miley Cyrus‘ plane and still a lot of uncertainty in the air.

But, returning to The Strokes, social networks were divided between considering the show grandiose or boring, when with them the two things are the same. The band emerged in the aftermath of 9/11, releasing their first album exactly a month after the bombing of New York, their hometown. They sang of excesses and New Yorkers clung to them with passion. In Lollapalooza’s setlist, they mixed old hits with hits from the album The New Abnormal, released precisely in 2020. Yes, there is something in the air with their albums. The sound remained competent, with the lyrics talking about banalities and boredom. As a lyricist, Julian (now in his forties) doesn’t like melodramas or sentimentality, he talks about trivia directly. Any surprises as to what they would look like on stage?

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