Netflix’s First Images of Sissi

It’s not long before the premiere of the Netflix series about the early years of Empress Sissi of Austria, originally promised for April 2022.

I wrote about the series and about the empress here on the blog, in 2021.

The first official photos of the German actress, Devrim Lingnau, who will play Elizabeth, and actor Philip Froissart, who will play Franz Joseph, are now available. What do you think?

The role of Sissi made Romy Schneider an international star. Will Devrim follow in his footsteps?

The Netflix series says that will tell about the overwhelming passion of Elizabeth (“Sissi”) and Franz, Emperor of Austria, a love that shakes the power structures of the Viennese court. After the wedding, the young Empress needs to assert herself in front of her mother-in-law, the powerful Sophie, and her brother-in-law Maxi, Franz’s brother, who also has his eye on the throne (and Sissi). In addition, enemy troops threaten the borders of the Habsburg Empire, and the people of Vienna protest against the Emperor. Elizabeth needs to find out who she can trust and what the price of being an Empress and a figure of hope for the people is.

Politics, drama, history. It has everything to please!


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