We will have the new Anne Elliot in July!

We are following every step of the production of Netflix to adapt one of my favorite books by Jane AustenPersuasion. And now we have the movie’s release date, July 15th!

Actress Dakota Johnson will be the long-suffering and incredible Anne Elliot, who, in this new adaptation, is seen as “an out-of-the-ordinary woman with modern style”.

Curious, because in the original Anne suffers precisely for being a woman attached to the social rules of the time, having been persuaded not to choose love and prefer a union more suited to her status. However, when Captain Fredrick Wentworth reappears in her life, in the new Netflix version, “Anne must choose between leaving the past behind and listening to her heart when it comes to a new chance”. Also a bit different from the character’s suffering, constant in her love, but still bound to the standards of that time, which prevented her from simply choosing love. Anyway, it will be romantic and beautiful! I’m sure!


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