Do you know the origin of Star Wars Day?

First and foremost, May the Force Be With You.

Today is Star Wars Day. We celebrate it as such for 12 years now. It started in 2011, when Canadian fans took advantage of the date – May 4th, in English May the Fourth, which sounds like May the Force– to celebrate Star Wars Day. Not only did it work, but since then it’s been the unofficial holiday for fans of the franchise. Disney even officially adopted the date in 2013.

All over the world, there is special programming and a lot of nostalgia for the whole saga and enjoy product merchandising.

But here’s a trivia. The first to use the phrase outside the Star Wars universe was Margaret Thatcher. That’s right. She was elected prime minister in 1979, more precisely on May 4, 1979. The world was already feverish for the story of Luke Skywalker then, released in theaters just two years earlier. The London Evening News ran a half-page message with the message, “Congratulations Maggie. May the fourth be with you.” Who would say!

In 2022 the expectation is for the launching of the miniseries Obi-Wan, next week, on the platform Disney Plus. Ewan McGregor is once again the Jedi. Who is (not) anxious?

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