The image of the Jubilee repeats the one from Coronation 70 years later

At the age of four, little Prince Louis has shown that even his cousin Savannah Philips can’t get over him. He may be 5th in line for the British Crown (which means he has 4 times less chance of one day being King), but this distance is precisely what gives him the autonomy to just “be himself” without consequences. Louis, like his uncle Harry, is the “steppe’s steppe” of the closer heirs, and discipline seems to be a challenge. Acting like the spoiled youngest, the little prince gave us the funniest images of his great-grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee and took his lead in worldwide popularity.

On the Buckingham balcony, Louis “ruined” the first photo of Elizabeth II with the heirs waving to the crowd. The Queen is officially having mobility issues and her appearance at the party in her honor was reduced to her opportunities for a photo op. Son only on the second one is where they managed to manage to calm Louis down and strategically put him away from the Queen. This time, Prince George and the future King (if the monarchy survives until then) was the one who was immortalized with the great-grandmother. Comme il faut.

In fact, as I said here, Louis’ connection with his grandfather, Prince Charles, is clear. He was upset about not being able to be with him at the event and recalled the famous photo from 70 years ago when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

And on Sunday, June 5th, Louis once again “gave a show”, which means hilarious images of a hardworking four-year-old. Kate Middleton tried everything to deal with her son’s impatience, but it only took off the child. He even gave his mother his tongue. Twice.

Neither the interventions of his sister, Princess Charlotte nor his cousin, Mike Tindall, stopped Louis’ temper.

Only when he managed to go, first to his father, Prince William, and then – finally to his grandfather, Prince Charles, did Louis smile again. And he made “peace” with his mother.

Meanwhile, the children had fun with each other without causing any faux pas.

But, forgive me for the teases against the Cambridges, noble child or commoner, it’s always a child and the images of Louis were the most fun of the jubilee, deserving updating.

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