Ms. Marvel brings diversity, youth, and fun to the heroines

Peter Parker was once the boy of the Marvel group, but New York is full of young superheroes. In addition to Spider-Man, there’s Hawkeye and now, Ms. Marvel. Speaking to the uninitiated or HQ connoisseurs and avoiding SPOILERS, the first episode of the new teenage heroine is a delight. Visually creative, good pacing, and scenes full of easter eggs. It has everything to please.

Like Kate Bishop (but infinitely less wealthy), Kamala Khan is part of the Avengers fan generation. Everyone has their idol, hers is Captain Marvel. Played by newcomer Iman Vellani, who actually doesn’t even need to act because she’s all she represents on the small screen, Kamala is an American Muslim teenager in love with the world of superheroes. For her, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is second to none, and it’s fun to hear the defenses of many of the character’s criticisms in a fan’s voice. Of course, her geek obsession contributes to her not fitting in at school or even at home. However, in a twist that will only be explained later, he obtains superpowers and, in addition to learning to manage them, he will have to learn to be like the heroes he has always admired.

Fun and intelligent, she’s obviously going to get into trouble before she learns to manage her powers. It’s a series that speaks to young girls from non-American cultures who also dream of saving the world. Escapism and fun with quality. Started well!


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