The Timeline of The Last of Us Plot for the Uninitiated

Those on social media follow the excitement of fans with each image of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey recording the series The Last Of Us for HBO Max. Coming from the phenomenon game of the same name, the series will already hit the screens with a fervent base of passionate consumers, anticipating a great soundtrack and a lot of emotion.

If you don’t know the plot, it’s worth getting familiar with it. Created in 2013, the game started from the premise of a pandemic definitively transforming the world, something that in 2022 doesn’t even seem like fantasy anymore. In their case, of course, is a mix of Walking Dead, it embraces science fiction to explain where everything goes wrong. The series should make Bella a star and anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan knows she has potential. It’s just that she will be Ella, our great heroine of history.

Let’s go to the summary of what the game is and what should we see?

Although set in the year 2033, the plot begins in 2013. That’s when the outbreak of mutated Cordyceps fungus ravages the United States, turning its human hosts into aggressive, cannibalistic creatures (in other words, zombies). The symptoms of those infected appear in just two days, but once identified, there is no cure.

With this, chaos ensues, with people trying to find a place to isolate themselves and avoid being victims of attacks or infection. In the midst of it all, we meet Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), today a smuggler who knows how to navigate in danger zones, but whose tragic past involves losing his daughter, Sarah, when he and his brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna), tried to escape, at the beginning of the pandemic. She was shot by a soldier as they ran, dying in his arms.

In the present day, in addition to the danger of the infected, the survivors live in quarantined, isolated areas, and there is a political divergence on how to lead the settlements. The Totalitarians are enemies of the militia group called the Fireflies, who oppose any authority. It is in this context that we meet again Joel, who now lives with Tess (Anna Torv) and is a bitter, practical, and emotionally impenetrable man. The two are on a mission to hunt down a black market dealer, Robert, to retrieve a stolen weapons cache, but they end up getting a counter-offer to get twice as many guns back if they agree to smuggle a teenage girl, Ellie (Bella Ramsey), to another settlement far from where they are.

Ellie, as we soon discover, is the only person proven to be immune to Cordyceps, as she has been infected for three weeks without undergoing the mutation. She is, therefore, the greatest hope of bringing healing to the planet. Then begins the adventure of crossing the long journey fleeing the hordes of infected and, when they reach their destination, the three discover that all Fireflies in the settlement have been killed. At this point, Tess reveals that she was bitten by an infected too and sacrifices herself so that Joel and Ellie can escape. That’s when Joel decides to look for Tommy, who was a Firefly once.

In this journey for two, Ella and Joel create the father-daughter connection, which is the emotional part of the series. On an apocalyptic road trip, they meet a few people along the way, always having to fight to survive and discovering that there are ulterior motives on all sides. The main thing is when Joel discovers that in order to develop the anti-virus, Ellie will be operated on and killed by the scientists/doctors so he rebels, fighting violently and dramatically removing her from the operating table before it’s too late. When she wakes up, to protect her, Joel lies, stating that there is really no cure and that everyone has tricked her. Eventually, she discovers the truth and breaks up with the protector.

In what promises to be a vital scene for the series, two years later Joel seeks out Ellie and teaches her how to play the song Future Days by Pearl Jam. From that moment, the melody becomes the theme of the two.

Here comes the SPOILER that stopped the world in the pandemic: in the second part of the story, Joel is killed by a woman named Abby, whose father he killed in a confrontation. Now alone, Ellie vows to avenge the death of her father/friend/mentor. She takes Joel’s guitar with her, but refuses to play it until a certain point, which caused the Internet to go wild when it happened.

The super production of the game has a soundtrack signed by Gustavo Santaolalla, whose opening theme will certainly be in the HBO Max series.

Before turning The Last of Us into a TV series, there was a proposal in 2015 for a film, to be directed by Sam Raimi and starred by Maisie Williams (the eternal Arya from Game of Thrones). Artistic differences shelved the project (the authors didn’t like the story turned into an action movie).

The HBO Max series, which began shooting in 2021, will be more faithful to the game.

With so many elements so perfectly designed, is there any doubt about the show’s clear success?

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