Kim Kardashian reportedly ruined Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress

It was obvious that it was going to happen: the damage as well as the complaint, but today the Internet is not very pro-Kim Kardashian after it was proven that when returning Marilyn Monroe‘s historic dress to the museum – where it should not have left – damage was identified .

Thereality show star caused a stir a month ago when she surprised the world by wearing not just one, but two dresses from the legendary actress to the MET Gala event. The piece, estimated at over five million dollars, is considered iconic and unique, occupying the official position of currently being the most expensive dress in the world.

As mentioned in the previous post, signed by Oscar-winning designer Jean-Louis, who was working with her on the movie Something’s Gotta Give, and who had already created Rita Hayworth‘s dresses in Gilda, the flesh-colored dress was so tight that Marilyn Monroe was completely naked underneath. It also needed to be sewn, to finish, already in the body. With more than 2,500 crystals, the process was so complicated that it contributed to the actress being more than two hours late in singing her famous “Happy Birthday to You”.

Who denounced the damage was historian and collector Scott Fortner, who presides over The Marilyn Monroe Collection. According to the video, the piece has the fabric torn close to the zipper, in addition to having some crystals missing. As reported at the time, Kim wore the crystal-covered nude silk dress just to walk the red carpet, swapping for a replica for the party.

Kim has yet to officially speak out about the case. She would have gone through a strict regime to lose 8 kilos and “fit” in the dress and even then, she complemented the outfit with a white fur stole, not to imitate Marilyn, as some thought, but because she couldn’t close the zipper in the back… which leads to the question of having torn the fabric in the attempt.

The dress was kept for years in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure its maintenance and had not been worn by anyone other than Marilyn Monroe before Kim Kardashian. The damage is irreparable. For Kim it was worth it, but for the fans… was the care enough? Rhetorical question, of course.

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