The return of Westworld and the same question: reality or game?

Since the 1st season of Westworld, its soundtrack has been featured. Signed by the genius Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones). Not only its original theme but the inspired and surprising covers, with beautiful arrangements and hits, were chosen and worked by the young maestro. And it was no different with the opening episode of season 4, where Ramin rescued Lana del Rey‘s first hit, Videogame as a theme by Dolores (Rachel Evan Wood), now Christina.

Let’s comment without fear of spoilers.

The plot picks up the action seven years after where we left off. The chaotic world has “reorganized itself”, but as always there is something disconnected.

Caleb (Aaron Paul) has returned to work as a construction worker, has a family, and is at peace. There are people who still miss the “robots”, but he remains silent. And attentive. His neurosis of being attuned to ambushes is flagged as a point of conflict at home, but accurate nonetheless. Who’s after him?

“William” (Ed Harris), explains the heroine Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), who lives as a Unabomber, isolated in a cabin, but is discovered by henchmen who want to kidnap her. She saves herself, saves Caleb, and together they resume their mission to “save the world”. Although we don’t know how real it is (yet).

Indeed the man in black, William, who is now no longer human, wants what “was stolen from him”, namely the entrance to Westworld and the Valley Beyond. If he was ruthless in his original form this host is even worse. He who opens the season and the killer flies we saw that he is violent as ever, as well as manipulative.

With no sign of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) or Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who we know from the returning trailer, the episode returned to a Dolores, now Christina, living in a modern New York the same drama as season 1. By the way, be aware of names, because we will have “exchange”. I will talk in another post.

Christina, just like at the beginning of the story, wakes up every day, beautiful, to the same routine. However, she notices some disagreements that she still doesn’t contextualize. Her roommate, Maya (Ariana DeBose) makes it clear that despite being beautiful, Christina is isolated, avoids relationships, and has a stalker. She’s a game writer (hello, “Videogame“), but she wants to create romance and happy endings when what sells is blood and tragedy. She commits to change, but along the way she is confronted by someone who asks about a Tower and, in the person of Peter, accuses her of controlling people in the world and asks to be released. At the moment, Christina has no idea what he’s talking about. “All these people do what you want,” he gives us the teaser, before killing himself.

As Christina tries to change the story she wants to tell, of a girl looking to fill the void in her life, we see Teddy (James Marsden), outside watching her, to the sound of Lana Del Rey‘s romantic Video Game. The tragic triangle of Dolores-William-Teddy has always been a guarantee of absurd violence, will we have the rescue?


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