Black Bird is an Apple TV series about an incredible true story

Taron Egerton got an Oscar nomination for his performance as Elton John in Rocketman. Paul Walter Hause deserved to have been nominated for his participation in Richard Jewell, in 2019, interpreting the story of the security of the bombing in Atlanta. Together they are in the Apple TV Plus biographical series Black Bird.

The two actors are spectacular, especially Paul Walter, who looks just like the serial killer he plays. The real story is almost a movie script. Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) was the drug dealer that the FBI convinced to take on a dangerous mission to get a confession from a serial killer, Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hause), who killed several teenagers, but who, as a legal technicality, was about to be released. by Justice. In exchange, he would get his own 10-year sentence if he got the confession. And so the story begins.

With a script by the respected David Lehane, the series has 6 episodes (and is already released) and is based on the book In With the Devil, written by Jimmy Keene. For a while, the story almost became a movie starring Brad Pitt, but it ended up becoming a series.

Avoiding spoilers, here’s the tip not to miss it!

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