Joseph Quinn was a prince and a rocker, and also, a scene stealer

Stranger Things fans are still moved by the charisma and tragic story of Eddie Munro, played by British Joseph Quinn.

Eddie, metalhead, nonconformist, drug dealer, and nerd, was misunderstood, defamed, and sacrificed, he was just a teenager who liked to play Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, led the Hellfire group, and for lack of focus and affection, had low grades. He was determined to graduate in 1986. He put on a show defending Iron Maiden, wearing a Dio jacket, and playing Metallica, Eddie was one of the best highlights of the entire saga. But those who paid attention knew that Joseph always knew how to steal the show. If it was achieved with Oscar winners like Helen Mirren, it would be no different with teenagers.

Joseph made his theater debut, where he excelled, before moving on to television and film. When he starred in Catherine The Great, magazines already praised him for his versatility to shine in period dramas and more modern works, holding equal being alongside Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman.

And what is Joseph’s dream? Interpreting “every one” of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or Kieran Culkin‘s character in Succession. Your proudest moment? Share the stage with Olivia Colman. And to relax… physical exercises. “It really helps me to switch off,” he said in an interview.

To prepare for the role of Eddie Munro, Joseph dieted and listened to a lot of heavy metal, including Black Sabbath. Unfortunately, he will never be able to work with his greatest idol, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is, in my opinion, one of the greatest actors of all time. I go back to watching his stuff regularly,” the actor told Flickering Myth. “His ability to portray the human condition is quite remarkable and, I think, has this rare quality – that other actors like Olivia Colman also have – where there’s a familiarity when you watch them. You feel like you know them, you feel like you’ve met them because they show an aspect of you.”

As Stranger Things fans can bet, a quality also of Joseph Quinn as an actor.


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