The renewed popularity of Metallica’s songs in the series

Metallica is one of the biggest rock bands still in business, with thousands of fans around the world. In recent weeks, thanks to Stranger Things and the iconic scene with Master of Puppets, the group was in the spotlight and their crowning achievement came with Westworld and yet another spectacular cover orchestrated by Ramin Djawadi.

Enter Sandman was the classic that followed the return of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and the adventures of Maeve (Thandwine Newton) back to the park, in one of the most important episodes so far, which reveals to us mismatched timelines but connected. And, as we’ve already talked about the choices, it explains a lot of the plot.

The lyrics, about nightmares, would initially be about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when a baby dies for no apparent medical reason. However, the producer considered it to be excessively morbid and changed it to something “lighter”, something that, to the surprise of many, the musicians accepted, becoming about mental manipulation. There are literature references too, like Peter Pan, however making the Never Never Land universe darker.

Part of The Black Album (the group’s 5th), Enter Sandman is also one of their most played radio hits. The choice for Bernard’s return is perfect, because, at a certain moment, singer James Hetfield says a prayer that his soul will be protected while he sleeps, something that the android doesn’t exactly need (it doesn’t have a soul), but it applies because it needs protection while browsing the system.

As with Stranger Things, the use of the song in Westworld brought greater visibility to the group, which returned to being one of the most performed with a song released 36 years ago.

The Westworld covers playlist has been updated. Ever heard?


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