Documentary asks: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Outside Brazil, the documentary Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? aired on Starz, in Brazil, on HBO Max. For those who followed the trajectory of Jeffrey Epstein and the dismantling of his network of sexual exploitation of minors, the special should be more conclusive. After all, the question of who was this socialite who was the millionaire’s girlfriend and helped him abuse minors for more than 20 years, came up in the Netflix documentary. The survivors appointed her as the head of the scheme, but with Epstein’s death, the answer seemed to have turned gray…

Divided into three episodes, full of archival footage we hadn’t seen before, the documentary traces Ghislaine’s trajectory, from her youth to the present day, in which she is sentenced by the American Justice to more than 30 years in prison for her association with Jeffrey Epstein.

Ghislaine’s “friends” who speak out are not in her favor. There’s no praise and just a fresh perspective on how her complicated relationship with her father, Robert Maxwell, shaped her to fit perfectly into an amoral and criminal universe. Her days at Oxford, her liaison (however superficial) with the rich and famous, are all reviewed in support of the conclusions already drawn before, that Ghislaine acted with arrogance and the certainty of being above punishment.

The answers to “who is Ghislaine” and why she was directly involved in the crimes are unclear. She did not run away (although she went into hiding), and the conclusion is only in the judicial and official position given by her at the trial: she is still “not guilty” of all the charges.

Still, for those who followed the whole saga, it’s worth checking out.


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