The importance of chance in romantic comedies

In 1998, a young actress was flying at the box office and critics, closing the year with an Oscar for Best Actress. Today, lifestyle guru for the wealthy, Gwyneth Paltrow, was the hottest name in Hollywood, engaged to Brad Pitt and with an impeccable choice of films underpinning her career. Especially productions where he used his impeccable ability to do the British accent. After Emma and before Shakespeare in Love, she starred in a small film, which soon became a cult: Sliding Doors.

The premise of the film was to show that a small seemingly insignificant moment can change your whole life, like getting on the subway train that would lead you to discover your boyfriend’s betrayal and finally take the reins of your life. Or, lose it, and suffer a series of wrong and painful decisions that would delay this process of evolution. And, most importantly, to know your true love.

The doors of the title in English are the metaphor for this moment of decision. Almost 24 years later, the romantic comedy Look Both Ways repeats the formula for a sugary and fluffy production with the “Gwyneth-of-the-hour”, actress Lili Reinhart. The Netflix movie shows how Natalie’s impulsive decision can derail her plans but bring other surprises to her life. Following the formula that worked in Sliding Doors, Look Both Ways directly answers the question while its predecessor just suggested the options.

The question of fate is the basis of 8 out of 10 romantic comedies. “What if instead of” – the film’s title in Brazil– plays with the hope of people who question the thought that fate is predetermined. Both films, they show a kabbalistic concept that no matter what you choose, some things will have to be lived. With more or less pain, the challenges for your growth will be there, without a chance, no matter your choice. Which is infallible for romantics. If you’re looking to warm your heart, it’s worth checking out.

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