Aegon II’s entry into the House of the Dragon

We can look forward to another passage of time in today’s episode of House of the Dragon, and most importantly, we’ll meet Aegon II, Rhaenyra‘s half-brother whose fate is tragically intertwined with hers.

The marriage of Viserys I and Alicent Hightower, despite the surprise and the result of a machination by Otto Hightower, is a happy one. The two are friends and confidants, and the new queen has finally given her husband the long-awaited son. As we joke on the Internet, it’s the anti-Christ with the face of a saint.

“The road is uncertain, but the conclusion is clear: Aegon will be king,” we see Otto reassuring Alicent. “He is the King’s firstborn,” The Hand points out, ignoring the advice he gave Viserys un years before naming Rhaenyra as the future Queen.

Alicent will be pregnant with her daughter, Haelena, and, at least from the trailer, still trying to maintain her good-natured, Rhaenyra friend image. Their relationship is obviously still shaken by the new position that puts Alicent above the princess.

We will also see that Otto begins to pressure Viserys to revise the order of succession and that Rhaenyra will have to submit to the conventional game of submitting to marriage. Various suitors (including Lannisters). “No one is here for me”, we hear the princess complain. She starts to understand Rhaenys’ warning in Episode 2.

We should also keep an eye out for the battle of Stepstones, whose union between Daemon Targaryen and the Velaryons will prove to be important. But this is for those who know about spoilers…


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