Catherine de Medici’s story in The Serpent Queen

The first episode of The Serpent Queen is perfect. It has rhythm, information, interpretation, and production quality. An excellent start.

Catherine de Medici, born into one of the biggest, richest, and most powerful rich families in Italy, had a life paradoxically opposite to what one could imagine. His father died of syphilis and his mother, infected, took her own life soon after. Orphaned, she grew up in a convent where the rules were strict. Kidnapped as a teenager by rebels opposed to the Medici, she was rescued by her uncle, Pope Clement VII, but only to be used in a political marriage with a prince of France.

Although King François I was obsessed with Italian culture, there was a prejudice in the Court against foreigners. That is to say, after being rejected in her own land, Catherine also struggled to adjust to her new country. To make matters worse, she fell in love with her husband, who loved another woman.

All of this was told with humor, wit, and intelligence, off-line in the precise voice of Samantha Morton, who plays the eldest queen. As a young girl, it’s actress Liv Hill who brings the Queen to life and has the charisma to break the fourth wall, talk to us and still maintain credibility. The roadmap takes us precisely through the delicate and complex political relations in Europe. An excellent content that we will follow every week.


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