What to expect from the 6th episode of House of the Dragon (images)

The first season of House of the Dragon has been intense for fans. The conflict that took more than 20 years to actually happen has been advancing in time quickly on screens. Since we started, we’ve advanced about 15 years and the 6th episode skips another 10.

That’s right, we saw how the union of Laenor Velaryon and Rhaenyra Targaryen was marked by a tragic death and a lot of violence (and lows) at the party. If there is no physical love between the couple, there is an unshakable partnership between them, which is closer to a happy marriage in Westeros. In that passage of time, they will have had two children and we meet them again at the birth of the third, who will be baptized as Joffrey.

The changing dynamics in King’s Landing will quickly become clear. Since her marriage, when she emerged wearing the color green, her house’s war motto, Alicent Hightower is neither shy nor supportive role. As Queen, we see that she demands that Rhaenyra come to present her child immediately after birth. And the princess obeys, tense.

There is a reason for Rhaenyra’s anxiety: none of the children resemble her or Laenor, but they closely resemble Ser Harwin Strong, son of the Hand of the King and her Guard. The last time we’ve seen them, Ser Harwin rescued Rhaenyra from Ser Cristan Cole‘s mess. Literally.

Since the 10th anniversary event, Alicent now has two inseparable allies: Ser Larys Strong and Ser Cristan Cole. And a decade later, she kept the color green in her wardrobe.

At this point, in addition to Aegon and Haelena (whom we’ve seen babies), the Queen will have two more children and we’ll meet one of them, Aemond. Alongside Rhaenyra’s children, the boys will be trained for battle by both Ser Harwin and Ser Cristan Cole.

But the tension escalates from the students to the mentors who are going to fight. In the trailer, it is Ser Cristan who is on the ground, but it is suspected that the expert knight “misses”. Knowing the spoilers and the book, the gossip of the paternity of Rhaenyra’s children plus this confusion (again with Ser Cristan involved), will provoke the exile of Ser Harwin, who will have to return to Harrenhal.

Remember that Larys and Cristan are in bed with Alicent? Exile only contributes to Rhaenyra’s suffering and isolation, who is behind it all? LS + CC + AH = OT is the answer…

Still, according to the spoilers, Alicent has to put Aegon on his feet because the prince is, let’s say, “complicated”. Worse for Haelena, who has to marry her brother to keep the Targaryen tradition.

In Driftmark we will discover that the flirtation between Laena Velaryon and Daemon Targaryen resulted in a happy marriage and two twin daughters. That’s right, the restless, widowed prince gets a new wife and family, inviting closely with Rhaenyra and Laenor as well.

But if you know Game of Thrones #1 rule is that if you think there’s a happy ending, you’re not paying attention. Let’s say goodbye to some important characters in this turn, with a lot of emotion for sure.

Starting with Laena, who is pregnant, the daughter of Ser Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen does not survive childbirth, leaving the two daughters alone with a bereaved Daemon. As if it wasn’t enough, in his exile in Harrenhall, Ser Harwin will have his father’s company, but a (very suspicious) fire kills them both. Rhaenyra’s deep sadness is blatant and her firstborn, Jacaerys questions her about the rumors that haunt the family. The princess tells the truth to her son. Episode 6 will not be good for Houses Strong and Velaryon.

And what will result? That’s right, the return of Otto Hightower as Hand of the King. Victory for the green team, which will have moved the pieces on the board with precision. Viserys’ health goes from bad to worse, and the race against time gathers steam. But don’t rule out the turn of the blacks just yet…


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