Starz cancels Becoming Elizabeth

The intention was still to continue with the story of Elizabeth I in her process of maturing as the future Queen of England, but Becoming Elizabeth showrunner Anya Reiss confirmed the worst.

“So for anyone who misinterpreted the end of Becoming Elizabeth – it wasn’t a cliffhanger – but an ironic wink to our audience – because of course, you know the rest of the story… so why would we continue?” he joked. “Or at least… this is my story 😮‍💨”, she lamented.

Fans insisted, but Anya completed the post with a gif of the series as if it were the platform’s response:

Sad news because it was one of the highest quality content of the year, from the text to the costumes, photography, and actors. Yet another very sensible cancellation in 2022. What a sad year,

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