The story behind One Way or Another

Before Hocus Pocus 2, several films used one of Blondie‘s biggest hits, One Way or Another, such as Mean Girls and Coyotte Ugly, to name just two. Though a person might decide on their song power more to do with movie decisions than if other quotes.

That’s right, the origin of the song is an obsessive fan of Debbie Harry, a stalker, who is a threat. “One way or another I’m gonna catch you”, he warns. The upbeat melody takes some of the dark air out of the lyrics. “I was actually stalked by a nutcase, so it started from a not-so-friendly personal experience,” she explained in an interview a few years ago. About making the music lighter, the vocalist defends himself: “I tried to inject a little lightness into him to make the tournament more cheerful. “It was a survival mechanism.”

The composition of One Way or Another was fast, with the lyrics departing from the title of a momentary inspiration, captured by the band’s bassist, Nigel Harrison.

One of the most classic images was Blondie duetting the song with Kermit the frog. According to her, although she was not a fan of The Muppet Show, but we consider the moment as one of the highlights of her career in terms of fun.

In Hocus Pocus 2, Bette Middler‘s version is more to the point, even if still making humor.

The challenge is to get the song out of your head!


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