Goodbye to Christine McVie

Alongside Stevie Nicks, her great friend, Christine McVie brought femininity to the Fleetwood Mac group, especially with her piano songs. Author of classics such as Don’t Stop, Little Lies, You Make Loving Fun, and Songbird, among others, the artist passed away today, November 30, 2022, aged 79. They didn’t share the reason, with her family only saying she died “after a short illness”.

Christine, who was married for many years to her bandmate John McVie, was in the band for 28 years, leaving in 1998 and returning in 2014. She joined the group in 1970, witnessing tumultuous times, love breakups and fights, always being credited as the source of security and peace among the musicians, something that in an interview in early 2022 he acknowledged to be true. “Yeah, I was supposedly like the Mother Teresa who hung out with everybody or just tried [to keep] it cool and cool and relaxed. But they were great people; they were great friends,” she told Rolling Stone.

Born in England, the daughter of a concert violinist and music teacher, and a “psychic medium and healer”, she began playing classical piano as a child. It wasn’t until he reached adolescence that he left sheet music for blues and rock and roll. He enjoyed success as a member of the Chicken Shack band and flirted with a solo career before joining Fleetwood Mac in 1970, a year after marrying John McVie.

In 1974 the group moved to the United States and hired the duo, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, changing the sound and gaining superband status. She also starred in part of the dramatic backstage of the Rumors album, one of the best sellers of all time and which reflected the emotional disorder of the musicians, with the separations of the two couples and other cases between them.

Rumors won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1978 and have sold over 40 million copies, making Fleetwood Mac one of the most popular groups of all time in the United States with over 54.5 million albums sold.

Christine left and returned to Fleetwood Mac a few times, attempting semi-retirement and occasionally recording solo. In 2017 he made an album and tour with Lindsey Buckingham before rejoining the band in 2018. He played with them in 2019, before the pandemic. It’s another great loss for music. Rest in Peace, Christine.


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