Bjorn Ironside was a legend in Vikings

The presence of actor Alexander Ludwig at CCXP 2022 in São Paulo triggered his great performance as the legendary Bjorn Ironside, in Vikings. And he almost didn’t accept the project, turning it down 3 times before relenting.

“I had just done The Hunger Games and I was only 20 years old. My friends said it would bury my career,” he told fans, noting that he signed a 6-year commitment. His opinion changed when he understood the fascinating trajectory of his character. “He told me that Bjorn would be one of the great references in his story. Michael envisioned a journey where Bjorn would start as a child and work his way through to adulthood. Afterward, he would be a warrior who would become a king and, in the end, a legend,” he said.

Let’s remember the best of Alexander in the series?


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