The Danger of Relations at the French Court

It will be difficult to wait (perhaps a year or more) for the second season of Dangerous Liaisons, but it closed confirming suspicions and still creating new twists.

Camille – a rape survivor – is unable to tell Pascal (Nicholas Denton) or Victoire (Kosar Ali) the truth and her trauma, alienating her only true partners. But in a short time, we understand: not only Henri de Montrachet (Tom Wlaschiha) raped her and lied that he was seduced, but when she accidentally kills the baby born of rape (she slept and either dropped the baby or the baby was taken from her), Henri and Jacqueline disappear with the body and doesn’t even let Camille bury the child. This harsh confession is made to Valmont, but not to Victoire.

Going back a little, in the dangerous game of blackmail and scandal, once again Camille seems to be in the potential of losing everything since even Jean de Merteiul (Michael McElhatton) is rethinking his engagement with her. Seduction is the quickest and most effective alternative, and now she will be the Marquise de Merteiul because she has won over her future husband. Valmont, on the other hand, feels sorry for Jacqueline (Carice Von Houten) gives up on the agreement with Camille, and saves Henri’s unhappy and chaste wife. However, upon learning how cruel she was to Camille, he ends the season determined to destroy her.

It remains to be seen her reaction to Camille’s marriage to Jean, and how she, now that she has gained the trust of Queen Marie Antoinette, will rise socially.

A great episode and promises in the second part of the story. The problem is, when?

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