Dangerous Liaisons is canceled

If you like a series and identify that it has a high production cost, don’t get attached. If there is something that the “post-pandemic” is proving, it is that series have reached budgets and cinema-quality, but are responsible for the audience in the same way as Linear TV. If the numbers don’t justify it, goodbye.

As a result, period and sci-fi content, which demand visual investment – and therefore budget – have been the immediate victims. Raised by Wolves, Westworld and Becoming Elizabeth are just three, and recent examples. The new victim is the beautiful Dangerous Liaisons, which is not yet perfect plot-wise, but was sensational visually and with a good cast. The bizarre thing is that, unlike the others, Dangerous Liaisons had its 2nd season confirmed in November, even before its debut, only for Starz (in Brazil, Lionsgate Plus) to “change its mind”. The decision signals that algorithms were not consistent to support the bet, were reversed without further explanation this week. In this way, the last three episodes that were recorded should air in early 2023, as scheduled.

For fans of entertainment and art, it’s very hard when the business side interferes because they are different universes. That’s when it becomes clear that we are only seen as consumers, not the audience. Because the audience that counts is the one that comes in large numbers, any “smaller” group – in the industry’s view – “doesn’t close the bill”.

So sadly we witness yet another casualty. I fear deeply for The Serpent Queen, whose second season was confirmed on the same platform as Dangerous Liaisons and Becoming Elizabeth. The era of period series seems to have come to an end…

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