The Sugar Fairy that The Nutcracker made beloved

In 2022, the ballet The Nutcracker completes 130 years. That’s right, more than a century ago, December entered and we started listening to the famous score by Tchaikovksy, which I’ve posted here before.

The ballet, which is economically important for several companies and schools, which has a controversial history and several versions, has one of the most famous and innovative melodies of all time, making this work one of the most beloved by dancers and the general public.

There are few solos for its main dancer, which is why there are versions in which Clara or Masha inherit the solo from the second act, but the name of the work does not deceive, it is from the Sugarplum Fairy. Because she is not the ballet’s principal, there are no dancers who have been very associated with this role, but here, let’s remember some historical ones?

Ekaterina Maximova, in 1958

In here, she dances the original steps created by Lev Ivanov.

Suzanne Farrell, in 1979

The Balanchine version.

Noella Pontois


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