Emily keeps rocking Paris and delighting us

One of the best escapism content of recent years is the unpretentious Emily In Paris, starring Lily Collins since 2020. It was essential for the pandemic period, in which we were able to dream and revisit (and discover) Paris as we dreamed: beautiful, clean, romantic, and idealized. Created by Darren Star (Sex in the City), the series was criticized for reinforcing French stereotypes, having little diversity, and all the politically correct current issues. But, like Emily Cooper, the American suddenly transferred to France, she overcame the negativity and won over her harshest critics. Today it is an undeniable success.

The plot is as simple as described: marketing executive Emily Cooper, without speaking a word of French, needs to replace her boss and deal with a crisis in the Parisian branch. Once there, of course, there are brilliant alternatives – usually discarded due to prejudice – and you get into professional and emotional confusion. Emily’s accidental friends are invariably connected or millionaires, which gives us not only a dreamy Paris but incredible trips across France. After being dumped by her fiance, Emily embarks on inconsequential love adventures until she falls in love with her neighbor and rising chef, Gabriel. The problem is that his fiancée is one of Emily’s friends.

The second season explored the triangle more, and brought a new love for Emily, she was conquering her main opponent, Sylvie, and a series of inconsequential situations that served to have a fashion show and cool places. Yes, because Emily in Paris follows the Sex and The City formula with an updated schedule of cool places in Paris and a character who only wears expensive brands that she would never be able to afford. Does not matter. Who wants consistency?

The third part of the story brings Emily still “lost” in all matters except work (although her career also suffers in part). His positivity is contagious and irritating at the same time, but who doesn’t want a few hours of dreaming that anything is possible? When everything seems to be lining up, does the script leave us again at a crossroads and wanting more? Because that’s how it is, after Emily Cooper enters our lives we want more and more.


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