The quality of Slow Horses guarantees the future

The second season of Slow Horses, like the first, delivers adrenaline and a bittersweet conclusion. Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott-Thomas‘ performances are pinpoint and killer, raising the bar from a “spy story” to addictive, thrilling entertainment.

As with the premiere, before the second season was released, Apple TV+ ordered two more seasons, which also have Mick Herron‘s books as a source. In the next one, as we saw in the trailer, the nags and Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) work together to unmask a corrupt agent who kidnaps River Cartwright (Jack Lowden). Season four will include a bombing that detonates personal secrets, shaking the already shaky foundations of Slough House.

Once again, it will be hard to bear the nostalgia of these eager spies. The possible launch date is April 2023. We will follow!


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