Shall we leave Madonna alone?

I’ve been a Madonna fan for 40 years, I was only 11 when I saw and heard her for the first time, with Everybody. Calling her a chameleon is an understatement, her constant change of look always anticipates fashion by years, and she continues to be a trendsetter like few and few. In 2023 she turns 65 and will be on stage, on another world tour. Anyone who has seen Madonna on stage (I’ve said this before) knows that the Celebration Tour will be unforgettable.

However, after being in the news for expressing yourself openly about pansexuality, about love with men young and old, bringing attention to artists like Frida Khalo and Jean Paul Gaultier, popularizing Kabbalah, making good and bad films, big and medium albums, it is the singer’s age and appearance that have been the most frequent subject about her. It’s unfair. Yes, Madonna loves beauty, worries about the time passing, made nonsensical Instagram posts and clearly had plastic procedures that altered her features, but leave Madonna alone! Many others look worse, with embarrassing attitudes, and don’t deliver half of what she delivers to us. I won’t cite examples so as not to be petty.

Aging is very lonely and cruel. Not because of age itself, not even somebody changes, but because youth is bad. Young people stress old age as if they weren’t going to be old one day. Empathy or compassion does not exist under the mask of fear. But does time pass for everyone and having 40 years of success and prominence as Madonna? Get in line. She has no equal.

Leave Madonna alone!


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