To remember where we left off with You

On Thursday, the 9th, we’ll live with the serial killer who has a good guy face: Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) left a trail of deaths and torture of young women, from the east coast of the United States to the west. Now in Europe under an alias, Joe faked his own death and left his son behind to evade the police. With an obsessive and psychopathic nature, who believes he reformed?

But even more important than finding out is remembering what drove him to extreme measures, not least because we had a hiatus of over a year. Let’s go?

Just as season four will pick up immediately after the events of season three, it had followed the end of season two, with Joe living in suburban Los Angeles with his complicated, murderous chef wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti) as well as their baby, Henry. If a psychopath is uptight, imagine two who rightly distrust each other? It doesn’t help that it’s jealousy that triggers Love to kill and that Joe is always falling in love/obsessing with other women. The first to suffer is the couple’s neighbor, Natalie (Michaela McManus) and then the problem became Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), who we will see again in London.

Love’s grief over the death of her brother Forty (James Scully) drives her into Natalie’s son’s arms, Theo (Dylan Arnold), but she still won’t let Joe live his own passions. It is Love who kills Natalie, which sets off a chain of events that eventually proves fatal to herself.

Joe has an extra problem, Natalie’s husband, Matthew Engler (Scott Speedman), does not accept his wife’s disappearance and the investigation of this crime could expose Joe to the others he committed in New York. your neighbors. And to make matters worse, Joe is now attracted to his boss, Marianne, with whom he becomes romantically involved. She doesn’t even suspect the double jeopardy because she’s in the middle of a custody battle over her daughter, Juliette, with whom she plans to live in Paris. To make way for their future together, Joe kills Marianne’s ex-husband.

The worst is getting rid of Love. Even though she has an affair with Theo, she still wants another child with Joe. By this time, she is already uncontrollable, killing left and right, even threatening her husband if he leaves her. The only way their story will end will be through violence. In a surprising turn, Joe turns the tables and kills Love, but before she dies, she tells him although the two are perfect for each other, they are a danger to Henry. This leads Joe to make a radical decision to fake his own death and leave his son. And we ended up with him in Paris, looking for Marianne.

Ready for the next one?

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