The Inspirations of Daisy Jones & The Six

The book Daisy Jones and The Six was released in 2019, already hitting stores with the announcement that Reese Witherspoon‘s producer had bought the rights to film it. Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the novel was a finalist for the 2021 Book of the Month Book of the Year awards and the audiobook version was named one of Apple Books’ Best Audiobooks of 2019. The expectation was huge.

The author was inspired by the legends of the recording of the album Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac, whose real-life romances between companions were immortalized in songs that are now classics, as well as the troubled life of the duo The Civil Wars, which broke up in 2013 without giving much satisfaction to the fans. Fleetwood Mac is one of the iconic bands of the 1970s, but they never broke up, despite the solo careers of their musicians. Yet it is the complex relationship between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks that is held to mirror the relationship between Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne (as well, of course, as Joy Williams and John Paul White).

Told in the form of a documentary, Daisy Jones and The Six charts the rise and fall of a band in the 1970s, after recording a great Aurora album, and becoming a legend. Gradually we discover the reasons for the breakup at the height of their success, whether drugs, romance, or other dramas. In addition to Fleetwood Mac, there is another character inspired by a real artist. Simone, Daisy’s best friend, will have a trajectory similar to that of Donna Summer.

With strong female roles, the main thing was to give life to Daisy Jones and the challenge fell on the shoulders of Riley Keough, who already had praise and nominations for awards as an actress, but, as the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, it is the first time that she has a singing role. That’s right, Riley and Sam Claflin, who plays Billy Dunne, as well as the rest of the group, are really playing and singing. The Aurora album and the hits mentioned in the book (Regret Me, Honeycomb, Aurora, A Hope Like You, Impossible Woman and This Could Get Ugly) were recorded and will actually be released. It will be difficult to remember that it is fiction.

If it manages to capture a millimeter of the real energy of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Daisy Jones and The Six will be worth it. The launch is confirmed for March 3 on Amazon Prime Video.


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