To accompany Ted Lasso

We’ve had a break of almost two years since we parted ways with Ted Lasso, so it’s worth a quick recap of each character and a guess at what might happen…

  • Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis): Coach’s life sucks. With more constant panic attacks, his personal life destroyed, far from the son he misses, and his job always at risk, Ted has to make a decision about his life. He hides from everyone the real reason why he is so dedicated to connecting with people: the suicide of his own father, when he was just 16 years old, a secret was ripped out of the coach by the skilled psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Miles) and that completely changes our view of the seemingly always happy Ted Lasso.

    As he didn’t notice the signs of his father’s depression and was emotionally distant from him, Ted tries to prevent others from going through the same, but it’s not always possible. He helped Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jaime Tartt (Phil Dunster), maybe even Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), but failed Nate Shelley (Nick Mohammed), now his worst rival. Although he worked on the morale and unity of AFC Richmond, bringing them back to the 1st division, it was with Nate’s strategies that the victories came and Nate was gone.

    We saw in the trailer that Ted’s son will be with him in London, which can help him have greater emotional balance, but increase the nostalgia when he is gone. It’s obviously going to weigh in with the stay-or-go question, Ted Lasso’s obvious dilemma of the season.
  • Rebecca Welton: The whole plan to bring Ted Lasso to England was born out of the pain of Rebecca and Ruppert Mannion’s (Anthony Head) betrayal and divorce. The only thing Ruppert loved more than other women was the football team he owned, AFC Richmond, and Rebecca had it as part of their divorce settlement. Determined to humiliate him, in the 1st season she acted like a classic comedy villain, but ended up surrendering to Ted’s sympathy and became his greatest ally. As a great businesswoman, she put aside her heartache, lowered her guard, and fell in love again, precisely with the star of the team, Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh).

    Nate’s betrayal of leaving AFC Richmond for West Ham United was worse with Ted, but so is it against Rebecca, who has helped and supported him throughout the journey.

    She didn’t pay attention until it was too late and Ruppert bought another team, with a clear mission to destroy hers. In other words, the war is on and the rivalry is back with a vengeance. The problem is that Nate is actually talented and it will be difficult to overcome him on the field, even more, so since he knows all the weaknesses of his former team.

  • Nate Shelley: The sweet, shy assistant who was despised on and off the field found in Ted Lasso a mentor, a friend, and a godfather, helping him rise to prestige. As the actor pointed out, all of his character flaws were clear from the beginning, but they were still small and easy to work with, but they were being fed. So much so that, in season two, Nate is more needy than happy. Not understanding the reasons why Ted has been away from the team, he lets himself be influenced by negativity. He is envious, jealous, angry, and indignation at not having what others have: fame, love, sympathy, and popularity. Any advice is taken by him the wrong way and we follow with hatred and pity the spiral of the destruction of a person who was potentially good becoming a monster.

    From what we see in the trailer, Nate will get the prestige he’s after, the table by the window, but he’ll be alone. To make matters worse, it doesn’t seem to hit Ted.

  • The sentimental confusions of Keeley Jones (Juno Temple), Roy, and Jaime. The triangle has been dragging on since Season 1, with Roy sort of flirting with his niece’s teacher to make matters worse. I don’t like the confusion: people can be happy without drama. But here’s the cliché.

I’m going to go into detail about more characters, but the heart of the plot is really in the clashes Rebecca X Ruppert and – consequently – Ted X Nate.

Ready for the endgame?


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