I am (still) team #tedbecca

As I made clear in Miscelana and CLAUDIA I have always been for #TEDBECCA, the fan team that supports the couple Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham). That’s why I suffer from the constant trolling of showrunners who play with our hearts and in the final season still haven’t united the two.

I say this because just as we were led to hope in the second season with the Bantr app and the various scenes of the two on the phone, it was Sam ( Toheeb Jimoh) that she was communicating (while Ted maintains a no-strings-attached affair with Rebecca’s bestie, Sassy), but the visit to the psychic recommended by her mother has reignited the crowd online.

The words of Tish, the seer: “I can see something. It’s in your hand. An object. It is very special. It’s a green matchbox. A box of green matches, how beautiful. Now I can hear something. SHIT. Shit – no, just one at a time, please. Shit in knitting armor. Shut up. I can hear something. It’s thunder! And lightning! And you! And you’re upside down and soaked – but you’re safe. You will have a family. You are going to be a mother”.

Well, TEDBECCA fans didn’t even need much research to point out how the signs are to unite the two:

1- Green Matchbox

It came from Sam, we know, and Rebecca kind of regretted having stopped the romance, especially since he has another woman around. Being special is fine as Sam helped her get back together, but nothing but the match suggests a revival.

On the other hand, Tish may have gotten confused and the mispronunciation of “green matchbox” could actually be the little green army man Ted gave Rebecca at the beginning of the series, which is made by a company called Matchbox. Or, as you’ve already noticed, it’s the book where Ted writes down the plays for each match – which happens to be green.

2- Armor

This tip doesn’t have many alternatives because, in the first season, Ted was the Knight in Shining Armor who saved Rebecca from another embarrassing situation with Rupert (Anthony Head). He used those words so when Tish repeats them, it’s very obvious that we’re thinking about Ted. More so, hoping it’s him!

3- Thunder, lightning

Roy told Keeley in season two that when you’re in love, people feel like they’ve been “struck by lightning” and that they shouldn’t settle for less. Sam wasn’t a crush, but neither yet was Ted. But everything can change!

4- Safe but upside down, soaked

Attention for SPOILERS. At some point, the team travels to Amsterdam (fans saw scenes being filmed there) and Rebecca might fall into the canal.

5- Rebecca will be a mother

When the series started, Rebecca was 46 years old and wasted 12 years with Rupert when he didn’t want kids. Close to 50, it is still possible to get pregnant, but dangerous and difficult. However, Ted has Henry and if he and Rebecca marry, then she can become the boy’s stepmother. It would be close to being a mother, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I believe in Ted Lasso and I’m betting on the happy ending, I just don’t know how things would turn out between Rebecca and Sassy… would there be a problem?


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