Six years after her death, Mary Tyler Moore is remembered on HBO

Mary Tyler Moore was a legend in Hollywood. A TV and film star, and an Oscar and Emmy winner, she moved between comedy and drama with equal ease. The documentary Being Mary Tyler Moore, airing at the end of May, will be a great way to remember this global icon who left us in 2017.

The star who was successful for several decades is still a mystery to many because it was paradoxical at various times. Despite being one of the symbols of feminism, she did not always want to identify herself as a feminist as she was famous, but discreetly, unlike her contemporaries.

With many images from the famous The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, interspersed with unpublished files, the documentary sets out to decipher it.

Critics complained about the shallow script, but seeing Mary’s talent never hurts! Premiere May 30th.


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