Fans (Always) Want Henry Cavill in Westeros

No matter the role, did you mention any important characters in the Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon universe? Fans always seem to have one answer: Henry Cavill. Second, invariably, comes Travis Fimmell or Charlie Hunnam, forming the obvious trio of “mature” actors who could be anyone in Westeros, from Cregan Stark, who will join the series from the second season of HOTD or the patriarch of House Targaryen, Aegon I the Conqueror.

The fact that the production has kept the casting secret and the recordings will start soon, one can rule out a big name like Cregan, in particular, one of the usual three, involved in other projects. However, the comment that the next project in the franchise is the conquest of Westeros led by Aegon and his sisters, returned to speculation. Speculating the cast is already a fan hobby so let’s start over?

The Winter is Coming website suggests 7 names:

1- Henry Cavill

2- Jamie Campbell Bower

3- Aaron-Taylor Johnson

4- Sam Clafin

5- Timothée Chalamet

6- Charlie Hunnam

7- An unknown actor

The list might even be similar to the one being considered for Cregan Stark, so here are my guesses:

1- Leo Sutter

Actor from Vikings: Valhalla is perfect for the House of the Dragon/Game of Thrones universe. The problem is that the Netflix series is still in production, which excludes him from the Stark house, but, due to time, it may be that he could be a Targaryen. I like the idea!

2- Johnny Flynn

Brother of Jerome Flynn, and friend of Kit Harington, with a filmography that brings credibility, Johnny is a name that would fit very well as the founder of the Targaryen Dynasty!

3- Tom Cullen

Sexy, led the Knightfall series, and did very well in Becoming Elizabeth, we need to use the blonde wig imagination, but Tom would be a great name for Aegon I!

4- Henry Cavill

Guys, it’s the obvious option and begging to be announced. Available in the market and already approved with the Targaryen look.

5- Rupert Friend

A super actor, Rupert would bring a lot of depth to the role of the Targaryen king.

What’s your vote?


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